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Winter Bookings

 Winter canal holidays on the Kennet and Avon

Having lived on a boat on the Kennet and Avon for 12 years, we really wanted to offer the opportunity of staying on a narrow boat for a week or two on the canal in the depths of winter.

We are so lucky with the private wharf that we own, that we can offer a unique experience of staying on Honey whilst most other canal boat operators are hibernating.

So how does it work? Any dates that are shown on the prices list with *-* after are subject to the winter canal holiday option.

In the winter the canal becomes a very tranquil and quiet place with fewer boat movements and stunning countryside views. However tow paths may become a little muddy and there is always the potential of freezing over. So with the Winter canal holiday option we ask that Honey is moored up at night in her own beautiful private wharf where you can park your car just outside mud free. In the day time you can choose whether to go on a spin out and chug up and down the pound, remember there are 15 miles of lock free waterways to explore, or you may decide to stay where you are with the central heating on and watch dvd’s and be snug for a week.

We insist that you do not venture out in Honey if there is any ice in the water as floating ice can cause really damage to other boats. But even if there is ice for that week ‘Honey’ can be your floating Holiday cottage, like no other. In the heart of the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.



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