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We advise you to book early to avoid losing your first choice of start day for your canal holiday.

Our lovely Narrowboats Honey (55ft),Honeysuckle (55ft) and Honey Belle (45ft) are ready to make your holiday on the Kennet and Avon canal really special

Boat NameSizeSleepsBedsCheck-in TimeCheck-out Time
Honey 55ft  4-6

1 Kingsize Bed                                  2 Singles (2ft wide),                            1 Double (converted from seating)

1:00 PM9:00 AM
Honeysuckle55ft 4-6

1 Kingsize Bed                                 2 Singles (2ft wide),                          1 Double (converted from seating)

3:00 PM11:00 AM
Honey Belle45ft 2-4

1 Kingsize Bed                                  1 Double (converted from seating)

5:00 PM12:30PM


 All our prices include all bedding with no hidden extras.

  • Free fuel
  • Free gas
  • Free parking
  • Free Wifi (3gb)
  • Dogs welcome 
  • No hidden extra costs
  • *_* Please see winter holiday option
  • Email a question press HERE
  • If you have a bookings question at the weekend or out of hours just call John on 0044 7484307577 and he will be happy to help.

    2017 Prices & Availability

 Honey (55ft)Honeysuckle (55ft)
2017 Week start Friday…..Week           Fri- FriWeekend Fri – MonMid Week Mon-FriWeek           Fri- FriWeekend Fri – MonMid Week Mon-Fri
6th Oct.BookedBookedBookedBookedBookedBooked
13th Oct.BookedBookedBookedN/ABooked£885
20th Oct. BookedBooked Booked N/ABookedBooked
27th Oct.N/ABookedCallBooked
3rd Nov.BookedBookedBookedN/A£477Booked
10th Nov.BookedBookedBookedBookedBookedBooked
17th Nov.N/ABookedBookedN/ABooked£477
24th Nov.N/ABookedBookedN/ABookedBooked
1st Dec.£699£477£477£699£477£477
8th Dec.£699£477£477£699£477£477
15th Dec.£699£477£477£699£477£477
22nd Dec.£999N/AN/A£999N/AN/A
29th Dec.£999N/AN/A£999N/AN/A


 Honey Belle (45ft)
2017 Week start Friday…..Week           Fri- FriWeekend Fri – MonMid Week Mon-Fri
6th Oct.N/A£477Booked
13th Oct.N/A£477Booked
20th Oct.BookedBookedBooked
27th Oct.N/A£477Booked
3rd Nov.£699£477Booked
10th Nov.BookedBookedBooked
17th Nov.BookedBookedBooked
24th Nov.BookedBooked£477
1st Dec.£699£477£477
8th Dec.£699£477£477
15th Dec.£699N/AN/A
22nd Dec.£999N/AN/A
29th Dec.£999N/AN/A


2018 Prices & Availability

 Honey (55ft)Honeysuckle (55ft)
2018 Week start Friday…..Week           Fri- FriWeekend Fri – MonMid Week Mon-FriWeek           Fri- FriWeekend Fri – MonMid Week Mon-Fri
5th Jan£699£477£477£699£477£477
12th Jan£699£477£477£699£477£477
19th Jan£699£477£477£699£477£477
26th Jan£699£477£477£699£477£477
2nd Feb£699£477£477£699£477£477
9th Feb£799£495£495£799£495£495
16th Feb£799£495£495£799£495£495
23rd Feb£699£433£433£699£433£433
2nd March£750£465£465£750£465£465
9th March£750£465£465£750£465£465
16th March£750£465£465£750£465£465
23rd March£750£465£465£750£465£465
30th March£1,425£884£884£1,425£884£884
6th April£999£619£619£999£619£619
13th AprilBooked£950£589£589
20th April£950£589£589Booked
27th April£950£589£589£950£589£589
4th MayBooked£999£619£619
11th MayBooked£999£619£619
18th MayBooked£999£619£619
25th May£884Booked£884Booked
1st June£1,275£791£791£1,275£791£791
8th June£1,275£791£791£1,275£791£791
15th June£1,275£791£791£1,275£791£791
22nd June£1,275£791£791£1,275£791£791
29th June£1,350£837£837£1,250£775£775
6th July£1,350£837£837£1,350£837£837
13th July£1,575£977£977£1,575£977£977
20th July£1,695£1,051£1,051£1,695£1,051£1,051
27th July£1,695£1,051£1,051£1,695£1,051£1,051
3rd August£1,695£1,051£1,051£1,695£1,051£1,051
10th August£1,695£1,051£1,051£1,695£1,051£1,051
17th August£1,695£1,051£1,051£1,695£1,051£1,051
24th August£1,425£884£884£1,425£884£884
31st August£1,425£884£884£1,425£884£884
7th Sept.£1,375£853£853£1,375£853£853
14th Sept.£1,250£775£775£1,250£775£775
21st Sept.£1,095£679£679£1,095£679£679
28th Sept.£899£557£557£899£557£557
5th Oct.£899£557£557£899£557£557
12th Oct.£899£557£557£899£557£557
19th Oct.£899£557£557£899£557£557
26th Oct.£1,250£775£775£1,250£775£775
2nd Nov.£750£465£465£750£465£465
9th Nov.£750£465£465£750£465£465
16th Nov.£750£465£465£750£465£465















































 Honey Belle (45ft)
2018 Week start Friday…..Week           Fri- FriWeekend Fri – MonMid Week Mon-Fri
5th JanBooked
12th Jan£699£477£477
19th Jan£699£477£477
26th Jan£699£477£477
2nd Feb£699£477£477
9th Feb£799£495£495
16th Feb£799£495£495
23rd Feb£699£433£433
2nd March£725£450£450
9th March£725£450£450
16th March£725£450£450
23rd March£725£450£450
30th March£1,275£791£791
6th April£899£557£557
13th April£543Booked
20th April£875£543£543
27th April£875£543£543
4th May£1175£729£729
11th May£925£574£574
18th MayBooked
25th May£1,295£803£803
1st June£1,175£729£729
8th June£1,175£729£729
15th June£1,175£729£729
22nd JuneBooked
29th June£1,250£775£775
6th July£1,250£775£775
13th July£1,250£775£775
20th July£1,250£775£775
27th July£1,295£803£803
3rd August£803Booked
10th August –Booked£803
17th AugustBooked£803
24th August£1,175£729£729
31st August£1,175£729£729
7th Sept.Booked
14th Sept.Booked
21st Sept.Booked
28th Sept.Booked
5th OctoberBooked£512
12th Oct.£775£481£481
19th Oct.£775£481£481
26th Oct.£875£543£543
2nd Nov.£699£433£433
9th Nov.£699£433£433
16th Nov.£699£433£433


* First tank of fuel, usually enough for two weeks motoring, and enough gas for at least one week.

*-* Winter holiday option with canal side parking

Availability & Bookings