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Mobile Wifi for your canal boat holiday

Honeystreet Boats now with mobile wifi

We are so excited to have sorted the mobile wifi option for Honey. What is even greater news is it is included in the price of your holiday. We really are committed to the NO ADDED EXTRAS canal boat holiday.

With a clever piece of technology we can now include in your canal boat holiday on the Kennet and Avon in Wiltshire access to the internet.

So whether you are travelling down the Caen hill flight of locks or relaxing in the open countryside near to Pewsey you will still be able to send and check your emails or find out when the last orders for Sunday Lunch in the Royal Oak at Wootton Rivers are taken.

If you have booked for a week you will have 3GB of data to use, 3GB of data lets you send or receive about 3000 emails and browse the internet for 60 hours. 

If you have booked for two weeks we will give you 6GB to use, so pictures galore can be sent to show off your great K&A narrow boat holiday. In fact if you email them to us here at Honeystreet we will pop them onto the website so everyone can see what a great time you are having.

So even if, like most, you want to be having a totally relaxing time, away from phones and computers the mobile wifi may just come in useful for fact finding or checking in for your return flight home if travelling from overseas.

We are working all of the time to try to make Honeystreet Boats live up to its promise of being the Friendly Narrowboat Holiday company.

We are all looking forward to welcoming you aboard ‘Honey’ and seeing you off to enjoy a wonderful canal boat holiday on the Kennet and Avon.

The Kennet and Avon – Brief introduction for your canal boat holiday

The Kennet and Avon canal is among the loveliest waters in UK for a canal boat holiday. It rambles for 86 miles between Reading and Bristol, and passes via the historic city of Bath. It is possible to take a canal boat holiday on a narrow boat enjoying the canal and the adjoining area. 

The Kennet and Avon canal was officially opened back in 1810, although it was to be reopened again in 1990 by Her Majesty The Queen after undergoing some renovation. It passes through beautiful, unspoilt and tranquil scenery full of plant and wildlife. It also passes through picturesque villages, bustling market towns and past historic monuments. Along the way there are numerous inviting canal side pubs and restaurants. 

This canal includes the Georgian magnificence of the City of Bath, the pastoral delights of rolling Berkshire and Wiltshire, as well as unique engineering and architectural features of majestic bridges and aqueducts. The route begins at Brunel’s historic Floating Harbour located at Bristol, near the city’s shops, theatres and restaurants, initially taking the tidal River Avon to Bath. There is Roman remains and Georgian architecture in this spectacular World Heritage City that includes the famous Abbey, Baths and numerous historic attractions. 

Travellers get to cruise through the dramatic River Avon’s valley on top of the Dundas Aqueduct and then to a little town called Bradford on Avon that has a fascinating history. They will then pass through rolling farmland and land on the famous flight of locks at Caen Hill. It takes about a day to climb or ascend these locks.

The next step for travellers involves passing through historic Devizes, which happens to be home to the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust as well as its canal shop. Through a 15 mile pound, meaning no locks. Passing through the home of Honeystreet Boats in Honeystreet. After here, they will go via Pewsey onto Crofton, which is home to the well-known working steam beam engines, please check with their website for steaming days. The striking Hungerford town contains centre of town moorings in which visitors can browse around the numerous antique shops. The Kennet and Avon canal goes on to Newbury where travellers will experience a touch of Venetian charm, and after that meet the River Thames just after passing Reading. 

Shining Brass, for your Canal Boat Holiday

Just as the season of Canal boat holidays on the Kennet and Avon is  about to begin. I decided that all of Honey’s brass could do with a buff up……

Two days of elbow grease later it is gleaming… But what a process. There are just so many different pieces of brass on board. The mushroom vents on the outside were in most need, and here we got creative with how to remove deep set tarnish… This involved an overnight bath of vinegar, salt and bicarbonate of soda, followed by more rubbing… 35 polishing rags now in need of a wash, or a recycling bin!

To assist we converted a wood lathe with a cotton polishing mop, brasso, t-cut, polishing compound and finally some clear lacquer spray to try to preserve the shine.

Having cleaned and gleamed the brass fittings I then noticed the wood cup and screws could do with a spruce up. So a few hours later, these are now all replaced……496 of them!

I hope to welcome you on board soon, Honey is shinning bright, as will the Sun on the Kennet and Avon canal for your holiday.