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Shining Brass, for your Canal Boat Holiday

Just as the season of Canal boat holidays on the Kennet and Avon is ¬†about to begin. I decided that all of Honey’s brass could do with a buff up……

Two days of elbow grease later it is gleaming… But what a process. There are just so many different pieces of brass on board. The mushroom vents on the outside were in most need, and here we got creative with how to remove deep set tarnish… This involved an overnight bath of vinegar, salt and bicarbonate of soda, followed by more rubbing… 35 polishing rags now in need of a wash, or a recycling bin!

To assist we converted a wood lathe with a cotton polishing mop, brasso, t-cut, polishing compound and finally some clear lacquer spray to try to preserve the shine.

Having cleaned and gleamed the brass fittings I then noticed the wood cup and screws could do with a spruce up. So a few hours later, these are now all replaced……496 of them!

I hope to welcome you on board soon, Honey is shinning bright, as will the Sun on the Kennet and Avon canal for your holiday.